It’s no secret that Twitter is a powerful resource for spreading the word about your brand and attracting new customers. While there is a ton of information and analytics on there on why you should be using Twitter, sadly theres not as much material on exactly how your company should be using Twitter. So when when I came across this nifty infographic from Multichannel Magic, I knew I had to share!

Twitter Social Media Marketing

 The Power Tweet Anatomy Breakdown: 

Section 1 – Headlines/Comments: Make headlines & comments interesting or intriguing, searchable with good keywords and action oriented.

I couldn’t agree more! Tweets should read like a short, newsworthy headline to grab your readers attention and make them want to take the next action, such as “check out this link” or “click here for more!” Keep it short and sweet, and save lengthy explanations and ideas for the actual content the tweet is directing users towards.

Section 2 – Length: Keep tweets at 120 characters or less to allow room for retweeting and place keywords in the first 70 characters to avoid search engine truncating issue. 

Great advice. Studies show tweets between 71-100 characters have the highest retweet rate, so make sure you’re following Section 1 by writing concise, headline style Twitter updates. Your Twitter keywords should coincide with the content keywords your directing users toward, so keep them consistent and make sure to place them at the beginning of your power tweet.

Section 3 – Links: Shorten links with a custom curl that identifies your brand.

While we agree you should use a link shortener to save yourself the precious little space you have to write buzzworthy tweets, a custom url is not necessarily needed. Here at DigitalSherpa, we use the link shortener provided by our Twitter management platform, Hootsuite. Most social media management tools provide a URL shortener for your convenience, or else you can simply use TinyURL.

Section 4 – Timing: Schedule tweets your community is most active. Repeating tweets increases reach (in moderation.)

Like the old saying goes, timing IS everything. A great tool to figure out when your community is most active is FollowerWonk. FollowerWonk provides incredibly in-depth analytics about your Twitter community, breaking down your community into 11 separate demographics for comprehensive analysis, as well as numerous other useful Twitter tools definitely worth checking out.

While these 4 sections certainty make up the anatomy of a seriously powerful Tweet, there’s still a lot more to be said on how to properly use power tweets in successful social media marketing strategy for your small businesses Twitter account. Luckily for you, we’ve written a free Ebook, The Complete Small Business Guide To Twitter. Let’s turn that power tweet into a powerful Twitter strategy!

Free ebook: How to use Twitter to grow your small business

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