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LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media channels for business professionals. Before we jump into sharing some tips about how you can enhance your social media marketing strategy on this site, we wanted to make you aware of some powerful statistics:

  • As of October 2013, LinkedIn has nearly 260 million active users. The company’s goal is to grow this figure to 3 billion, so you can expect to see continued enhancements and tweaks to the site to earn new users.
  • Of the current users, 84 million are US residents. Therefore, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for connecting with business professionals globally.
  • 40 percent of LinkedIn users access the site daily.
  • At any given minute, there are approximately 200 conversations happening on LinkedIn.
  • The average LinkedIn user is active in 7 LinkedIn Groups.

So now that you are up-to-date on the latest LinkedIn statistics, hopefully you feel inspired to take on a more active role in your own LinkedIn marketing strategy. For many, this may mean creating a company LinkedIn page versus an individual user profile. Here are some need-to-know tips for sprucing up your company’s LinkedIn page:

  1. Take the time to complete the products and service page on your company’s LinkedIn profile. Companies that do this are twice as likely to attract new followers on LinkedIn, which therefore can help you to increase your overall customer engagement strategy. This is provides you with the perfect opportunity to link back to whitepapers that you’ve written, share case studies, and other relevant content that you’ve created.
  2. Maximize the SEO potential of your company LinkedIn page. Search engines like Google will provide a 156 word preview of a LinkedIn company page, so take the opportunity to include language and keywords that clearly communicate what your business does and your area of expertise.
  3. Utilize LinkedIn’s targeted updates feature to make the content that you share on this social media channel more tailored to a specific audience. This will help to ensure that you receive higher engagement from your followers with the content that you share on the site.

For more ways to enhance your LinkedIn marketing strategy, be sure to download our free Small Business Guide to LinkedIn whitepaper below!

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