It’s probably no surprise to you that there are peak days of the week for publishing content, whether you are sharing a press release or are posting about a new product offering on your company’s Facebook page.  While social media optimization strategies will help your company to attract the most “likes”, comments, and shares of its content, understanding your customer base is key for successfully implementing these tactics.  This means knowing when and how your customers are using social media to interact and gain knowledge.

Entrepreneur recently shared a study compiled by LinchpinSEO that breaks down the most beneficial days of the week for companies to share content on Facebook by industry.  This study takes into consideration when customers of these specific industries are most likely to be engaging in Facebook conversations.  While Entrepreneur put together this information by industry in a detailed infographic, highlighted below are a few industries and the most effective days to post on Facebook:

  • Advertising/Consulting Industry: Saturday and Sunday
  • Consumer Packaged Goods: Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday
  • General Retail: Monday
  • Technology: Monday
  • Travel and Leisure: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Social Media Optimization: The Best Days to Share Content on Facebook


Here are some other interesting facts from this study to help with your company’s social media optimization strategy:

  • Content published on Facebook between 8pm and 7am is 14 percent more likely to attract attention than posts published between 8am and 7pm.
  • Companies that make one or two Facebook posts per day have 19 percent more customer interaction through social media.
  • Posting too often on Facebook can actually have a negative effect.  For example, a company that posts more than seven times a week on Facebook typically has 25 percent less interaction.
  • Only 14 percent of Facebook posts are published during the weekend, and these posts are 14.5 percent more likely to generate customer interaction than weekday posts.  That being said, there is a lot of opportunity for companies that publish posts on the weekends.

Does your business currently have an effective strategy in place for publishing content?


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