Social Media Marketing Acronyms DefinedIn the world of Social Media Marketing (SMM), acronyms are so easily thrown around as if everyone knew their meanings, and sometimes it seems as though new acronyms are introduced daily. For the small business owner that is focused on running his business, not having a clear understanding of the most common social media marketing acronyms could create some disconnect between management and marketing, therefore negatively impacting the business’s plans for growth.

While you can rely on your social media manager to be “in the know” of the latest social media marketing jargon and terminology, outlined below are some of the most common industry acronyms that every business owner needs to know:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This term refers to the strategy of increasing a company’s ranking on a search engine results page through organic (natural and unpaid) search. SEO takes into account what people search for, the keywords generally used for the search, and what the most popular search engines are. While this marketing strategy can take months to successfully implement, it is one of the most effective and common inbound marketing tactics used today by businesses.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): While this marketing strategy aims for the same results as SEO, the business pays for each time someone clicks on its website on a search engine results page.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): This term refers to the amount that each click is worth under the Pay Per Click advertising model, and the cost varies depending on which Pay Per Click model is selected: fixed or bid-based.
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP): This page appears each time you type something into a search engine. Most companies make a goal of appearing in the top 10 results of a SERP by using inbound marketing tactics such as SEO or PPC.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This term refers to using inbound marketing tactics such as SEO and paid versions to elevate the awareness and presence of companies on search engine results pages.

Have we missed any key social media marketing acronyms that you would like to have clarified?


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  • Thanks for sharing acronyms of Social media marketing, Justin. But I think these all are most common term used and most of people know about it, you must include some less known terms like CTR, CPC, etc.

    • Justin Fishaw

      Completely agree that the list needs to be expanded. Consider this the ’101′ version for those small business owners that are new to the space. Stay tuned for a ’102′ version that defines a more advanced set of social media marketing acronyms.

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