While 2013 has not quite come to a close, we have still learned some valuable lessons from brands that have embraced social media marketing over the past year. You may call this recap premature, but we thought this 2013 Social Media Facts infographic from Social Divas was too good not to share.

2013 social media facts infographic

(Image via Social Divas)

Here are some statistics that made the biggest impression on us:

  • Social media is definitely not just for teens and college students any more. In fact, the largest age bracket that is active on social media is 35 to 44 (accounts for 25 percent of social media users in 2013).
  • Mobile social media usage is at an all time high. Some social media users are only active on their accounts through a mobile device, which accounts for 189 million Facebook users.
  • Visual marketing has become more important than ever, with 137 million active users on Instagram.
  • LinkedIn is a powerful tool for connecting with business professionals from around the globe. Turkey is currently winning the race for the fastest growing number of users on the site.
  • Of the 1.15 billion Facebook users, 50 percent of them login to the social media site at least once a day.
  • In 2013, 54 percent of businesses earned at least one customer through Facebook and 36 percent through Twitter.

If those statistics have not convinced you that your business needs to have a well-defined social media marketing strategy, we’re not sure what will persuade you!

If you’re like many small businesses, your marketing model relies heavily on word of mouth. Well, think of social media marketing as the word of mouth of the digital age. To learn more about the similarity of word of mouth marketing and social media marketing and how the two strategies together can play a powerful role in raising awareness of your brand, be sure to download our free whitepaper about the benefits of social media marketing.

Which of the statistics above made the biggest impression on you?

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