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In the third additional of our Holiday Marketing series (we previously covered holiday marketing tips for Facebook and Twitter), we’ll be discussing my personal favorite social media marketing platform: Pinterest!  As we recently covered, Pinterest is an invaluable resource for your company, especially during the Holiday shopping months. Studies show Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors referred from non-social channels, so you definitely want to be optimizing Pinterest during this Holiday season! Here are some easy tips to great your Pinterest Holiday Marketing Strategy on point.

Tip 1 – Optimize Seasonal Sales With Rich Pins 

To help businesses properly market their goods and services, Pinterest recently added a new type of Pin that will be of great value to you this holiday season: the Rich Pin.  Rich Pins follow the same basic guidelines and rules of a regular Pin, but allow you to add more details.  Rich Pins can include automatically updated information such as product availability, reviews, prices, ingredients, etc.  Rich Pins give your potential customers important details they often seek out when deciding whether or not to buy a product; giving you the power to provide that information on Pinterest, increasing the likelihood that they click through a buy.  In one step, Rich Pins neatly and effectively lay out every basic detail your customer needs to know about  purchasing your product. If possible, we recommend you use Rich Pins for every product your business plans to sell on Pinterest, as enhanced information increases the chance of impulse buying. The Holidays are an extremely busy time for everyone, so make it easy for your customers to research and purchase your products or services in a one stop shop via Pinterest.

Pinterest Holiday Marketing Tips

Tip 2 – Pin It To Win It

It’s no big surprise that contests and product giveaways are popular during the Holidays.  We recommend integrating festive brand contests into your holiday Pinterest marketing mix. Contests, giveaways and special promotions can help you gain new followers, obtain more Pins and Repins, and acquire new business via Pinterest referral. There are endless options for a fun Pinterest contest, but the most common contests require asking followers to Repin a particular Pin (aka “Pin It To Win It”) in order to win some sort of brand relevant prize.  For more information on monitoring and running a successful Pinterest contest, check out Piqora or Curalate; they’re great 3rd party platforms that can help organize and optimize your Pinterest contest!

Tip 3 – Pay Attention to Trending Topics

As it is true with all of the social media channels, incorporating ‘trending’ (or ‘popular’) topics into your status, or in this case, a Pin or ‘Board’, plays a huge role on the engagement you’ll receive.  According to, Pins that are related to trending topics see an average 94 percent increase in click-throughs. There are numerous sources that you can tap to find what particular topics are trending on Pinterest.  The easiest way is to simply go to your Pinterest homepage, then click on the “Popular” tab in the left hand corner to get real time results on Popular Trending Pins.  Pinreach is another awesome source that can tell you what particular topics and pins are currently trending in real-time.

Once you have this information, incorporate it into your next Rich Pin to see your click-through rates and engagement increase. Needless to say, Holiday themes are obviously going to be a huge trending topic the next few weeks. While your particular small business might not offer a specialized Holiday service or product, there’s no reason you can’t find a creative way to integrate those trending Holiday words and phrases into your Pin description for a more popular Pin.

For more great information on how your company can (and should) successfully use Pinterest all year round, please check out our free Ebook, The Small Business Guide To Pinterest below! I hope this post gave you some great seasonal Pinspiration, Happy Holidays! 

Free ebook: The Small Business Guide to Pinterest Marketing

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