My husband and I were just at the lake over the weekend with some family friends, and somehow we got to talking about what my job as a social media specialist is all about. My friend’s father preceded to tell me that he had been running a successful business for the past 40 years without […]

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Sometimes it feels like Facebook is a popularity contest where everyone is striving to get more likes, comments, and shares on their posts. I think it’s human instinct to periodically look back at your Facebook status updates throughout the day to keep tally of how many likes your post is generating. It’s our egos fault! I’m […]

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The traffic to your blog has slumped. You haven’t received comments in months. No one is sharing your recent posts on social media. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many companies fail to make a splash with their blogs, and some end up giving up on them altogether. However, a blog can be one of your […]

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Hosting an event is an effective way to give your business a boost, but we all know that it takes both time and money to pull a successful event off, which are two things that we don’t always have. For your next event, put your money towards renting a great venue or hiring an engaging […]

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Do you know the answer to this question? If not, read on! I often feel like I am being pulled in a million different directions throughout the day as I try to my various responsibilities, so for a little fun (and additional procrastination), I took a quiz to find out what time of day I […]

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Sometimes you’re simply not in the mood to write a blog post, and pushing yourself to write one when your creative juices aren’t flowing can result in stinky, boring content, otherwise known as a mediocre blog post. You and I both have read our fair share of blog posts that just didn’t cut it, and […]

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When I started Stand Up 5 years ago, I was going to local college bars during a music open mic. The music was really there for background as people talked about their hard college lives, “I can’t believe I got a C on that paper,” etc. So then I come up, the music stops and […]


Here’s the thing with the Internet – it’s really not “anonymous” anymore. For better or worse, it’s changed over the past twenty years in ways no one expected (or if you did, great call!). Information is literally at the push of a key, and your businesses’ reputation is pretty dependent on it. Visitor trust and […]


Social media should be considered your business blog’s best friend as it’s one of the best ways to spread the word about all of the great content that you’re publishing. Unfortunately, few SMB owners choose to promote their blogs on social media, which is a rookie mistake as they are missing out on a huge […]

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Mobile marketing is no longer a niche undertaking. Site owners are learning the hard way that they can no longer ignore mobile marketing in their overall online marketing plans. More and more users are accessing the web through their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, and mobile is starting to command a huge share […]

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