These days it seems that just about every business has a blog, so what are you doing to help your business’s blog stand apart from the crowd? Good blog design is one of the best ways to separate your brand from the competition; however, everyone seems to have an opinion of what a well-designed blog […]

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The new year is finally here, which means that we are in the midst of goal setting season. As a successful SMB owner, you’ve likely already written down several goals that you want your business to accomplish in 2015. Enhancing content marketing efforts via a business blog to generate more quality leads is one of […]

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You already know everything about search engine optimization, right? Well, you could be doing yourself a disservice by not looking for ways to improve upon your current strategy. While you may have implemented everything from back-links to keywords properly, there’s always more you could be doing to boost your SEO. Here are five secrets to […]

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With a new year brings a new opportunity for growth.  A chance to grow your business, a chance to grow as a marketer.  To help you kick off 2015 with a bang, we put together this simple yet comprehensive ebook. If your goal in 2015 is to grow your online visitors, leads, and customers; then […]

Free ebook 6 Steps to Driving the Right Traffic to your website

As a small business, you might be relying on WordPress to host your company website or blog. Many business owners turn to WordPress because of it’s ease of use, but there are also underlying features that you may not even realize – think plugins. What is a Plugin? A WordPress plugin can be defined as […]

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Why does your audience go on Pinterest in the first place? To be inspired? To learn useful tips for DIY projects? If you’ve already created a Pinterest profile for your business, I highly encourage you to check out Pinterest Analytics to see how your audience is interacting with your pins. So once you have a […]


Long gone are the days when consumers flipped through hundreds of pages in a phone book to find a local business. Search engine giants like Google have made it incredibly easy for consumers to find local businesses with the simple click of a mouse. In fact, a recent study compiled by BIA/Kelsey and ConStat indicated […]

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I have no doubt you are familiar with Gmail or the Google search engine itself. But what about using the internet giant’s social media site, Google+? With more than 150 million active monthly users and nearly 50 percent of users that use the site daily, it’s no wonder that businesses are wanting to use Google+ […]

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If you’re like most business professionals, one of the first things that you’ll do upon returning to your desk from a networking event is to look up the people that you met on LinkedIn. And what happens when someone is nowhere to be found on this social media site? He or she probably instantly loses […]

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You’ve launched a website and have created an active presence for your brand on social media. Isn’t that enough? No, not if you want to truly position your brand as an expert in its industry, give it a voice on the internet, and drive more traffic to your website. A blog can do all of […]