Launched a business blog in 2014? Good job! But, looking back, have you really put forth your best effort with sharing high quality, intriguing content on your blog that offers value to your audience? Asking an SMB owner if he is pleased with his business blog is like asking a 50 year old woman with […]

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These days there are so many different social media platforms that you can use to market your brand online. We’re all familiar with Facebook and Twitter; however, when it comes to Pinterest, some of us are  at a loss of how to go about reaching our audiences on this site. While you might not feel […]

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Do you ever wonder why you aren’t earning a huge following on social media when other brands are? So many brands make the mistake of thinking that because they’ve launched their businesses on social media sites, the fans will immediately trickle in. Instead, you need to give your fans a reason to “like” your Facebook […]

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Don’t you just wish there was a way you could save yourself the countless hours that you pour into your business blog and instead use that time to do what you really enjoy? Like running your business, for example! Unless your outsource your blog to a content marketing agency (which is a great option, by […]

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Lately I have gotten into the habit of setting aside a few hours on Sunday mornings to write content. I start my day at 6am. While the thought of being an early riser on the weekend sounds miserable to some, I love it because I can get at least 2 hours of uninterrupted writing done […]

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If you can build a memorable brand, you have the ability to gain mindshare from your audience, therefore resulting in more referrals and closed business. That is, of course, assuming that you’ve created a positive lasting impression of your brand in your audience’s minds. Social media has quickly become an invaluable tool for helping brands […]

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When doing research for this article, I came across hundreds of different tips and tricks for increasing your blog’s conversion rate. One piece of advice really hit home with me, however, and that was to neglect your older, most popular posts. For many business blogs, the highest percentage of post views on a monthly basis […]

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Last year consumers spent over 1.9 billion in online sales for Black Friday, and that number is only expected to rise this year. Black Friday is undoubtably a great day for retailers, but what about the consumers? If you are shopping on Black Friday, are you sure you are actually getting the best deal? Did […]


Let’s be honest. You would not have launched your brand on social media or spent countless hours writing high quality content for your business blog if you wanted to keep things under wraps. Online marketing is definitely not the time to play modest. You want your content to be seen, read, and digested by as many people […]

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Although 2014 is still in full force, the year is winding down, meaning it’s time to start making predictions – about content marketing, of course. Every year, it seems like technology and data dramatically evolves the way that marketers develop content. In 2015, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t expect to see some changes. Here […]

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