Blogs are so popular because, literally, anyone can start a blog. If you can think of a subject, you can almost guarantee that there is a blog floating around on the Internet about it. Ugly Renaissance Babies?  Check. Breaded cats? Check. Awkward Stock Photos (my personal favorite)?  Check. That’s why there are a reported 6.7 […]

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Tumblr, recently acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 billion, is earning approximately 120,000 new users each day – but why? What’s all the noise about? If you’re used to blogging on a platform like WordPress or Blogger and you’re looking for something different, take a gander at Tumblr. This social media / blog engine has gained steam […]

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Google+ (or Google Plus) had its third birthday in June, which came with minimal celebration. Although the social network is still alive, it received little recognition at the annual Google I/O conference. Google co-founder Larry Page recently sat down with the New York Times to discuss the company as a whole, and as many expected, […]

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The world of social media marketing can be slightly confusing and intimidating for any small business owner. Add measuring social media metrics and analytics to the mix, and chances are you’ll get a headache sooner than later. In a world overwhelmed by data and updates, it can be hard to track what specific measurements and metrics […]

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Are you looking to capture more women in your marketing efforts? If so, you’re not alone! Here are just a few of the riveting reasons why so many businesses are trying to attract the attention of women: Women have astronomical purchasing power and currently make 85 percent of all brand purchases. Approximately 2/3 of the […]

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Since our last few marketing reports and templates were so popular, we wanted to create an even more detailed offering. This marketing report template is perfect for both marketers and business owners looking to track past & future marketing successes, all while measuring the overall performance of each marketing channel. This free, detailed marketing report […]

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Before joining DigitalSherpa, I had the privilege (or misfortune, depending on the day you asked me) of writing for newspapers for upwards of five years. In fact, what attracted me to Sherpa was its thriving marriage to content. But, I had no idea how I would immerse into the world of managing content created specifically […]

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Your company’s website is finally up and running. The blog is gaining traction and your Facebook and Twitter feeds are gaining likes and followers at warped speed. People are actually engaging with your brand online and you’re ecstatic, until you see… THE NEGATIVE COMMENT. You’ve seen the social media faux pas of many brands, and […]

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Say goodbye to lengthy, boring videos – Vine can pack a punch in six seconds. This app, which has grown in popularity since its humble beginnings in 2012, allows users to create six-second-long video clips that inspire, entertain and draw laughter. Now property of Twitter, Vine has become the hottest way to microblog on the […]

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The hashtag has become more than just a Twitter tool. As more people flock to social networking websites to sound off, the hashtag has become an essential part of making sure that your voice is heard. Whether you’re using a social platform for marketing purposes or personal reasons, you need a hashtag to verify your […]

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