One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a riveting and up-to-date business blog is coming up with content ideas that your target audience will find interesting and relevant. Fortunately, after you’ve been writing content for a while, you can occasionally turn to your more successful blog posts and repurpose them as an effective way to […]

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Join DigitalSherpa President, Adam Japko, on his next webinar: “What my son taught me about social media marketing for small to medium sized businesses” An honest & personal discussion about social media and your business. Why are small businesses leaning so heavily into connection and relationship marketing? This is not a how-to webinar, but instead […]

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While hundreds of new apps are released every day, not every app can reach the massive level of success and popularity the instant photo messaging platform Snapchat has. With over 60 million users and over 400 million messages sent daily, Snapchat is quickly becoming an app your small business should seriously consider adding to it’s […]


For many people, the idea of starting a business blog can be incredibly overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a number of user-friendly blogging platforms that can help to simplify the start-up process. Once the blogging platform that best suits your needs is selected, you’ll need to start planning your content strategy. When blogging and creating content […]

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, the key metric that your Facebook marketing success may hang on is something called your “reach.” More specifically, your Facebook reach. But what exactly does this mean and why should it matter to page owners and marketers? When we refer to Facebook reach, we are talking about the number […]

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Even if you aren’t in a ‘beautiful’ or ‘creative’ industry, Pinterest can still be one of your most powerful social media marketing resources out there. Don’t let your lack of unique photos or graphics keep you from this booming social network.  Chances are your competitors have the same apprehension surrounding Pinterest; so, get ahead of […]

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After four years a few thousand multi-family clients, we understand that better social media management is a hot topic for many apartment community  and property managers.  Working in the apartment industry is just like being a small business owner, you’re doing the job of many while constantly looking for more hours in the day. We […]

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As you crank out another blog post for your business, have you taken the time to carefully consider the keywords and phrases that your target audience is likely typing into search engines when researching for topics related to your company and it’s products/services? This will not only help to drive more qualified traffic to your […]


Small businesses are often charged with the task of effectively creating SEO content without hiring a dedicated SEO firm to do it. However, understandably, most business owners aren’t aware of the changes that go on behind the scenes of Google. It’s technical. It’s daunting. And, frankly, it can be a bit boring. However, staying up […]

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Last year, we published over 400 blog posts.  We’ve covered every social media network and their latest advancements, celebrity Twitter mishaps, current events, and more content marketing tips than one would think is possible.  At the end of the year, we asked ourselves, “how could we improve our blog content and our reader experience?” This […]

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