facebook-birthday-chair-hugThis Chair Will Hug You Each Time You Get a Facebook Birthday Wish

If you ever wanted to feel a loving hug from Facebook in real life — there’s a chair for that. Outback Steakhouse has created in an innovative dining experience for its diners in Brazil that I hope will make its way to the US.

The company created a social media integrated response chair that hugs you everytime you receive a Happy Birthday message from your Facebook friends. It brings a whole new meaning to being “touched” by the kindness of others. An added bonus is it captures your reaction to each Facebook hug, and publishes it on your timeline for all of  your b-day well-wishers to see. Now that’s what I call true “high touch” marketing.

Domino’s Proves You Can Simultaneously Have Great Advertising And Bad Marketing

Domino’s Pizza made a serious face-palm worthy marketing mistake that unfortunately many businesses are guilty of. Whether it was laziness or just ignorance, the delectable pizza giant released a compelling video ad, but completely failed at providing a adequate marketing support for it.

If you’re going to release a potentially viral video ad, at least get your SEO minions to make sure it’s easily searchable on Youtube…sigh. Every piece of content a company releases should be treated as a beloved child. Don’t leave the children (videos, polls, blog posts) without snacks, clothing and kiss good-bye (SEO, social media promotion, CTAs).

Polishing Junk

Seth Godin does it again. He goes for the gut with this profound, yet simple three sentence post about the error of thinking social media can be the savior of a poor product of service. The question any business owner should be asking is “Is my product or service amazing enough to be shareable?” If the answer is no…stop spamming your audience and customers on social media. Instead, focus on what they really want — something worth purchasing.

10 of the Best Pinterest Boards to Teach You About Marketing

It seems like the industry of marketing changes as fast as a tweet update. New best practices are constantly being published. It’s the responsibility of marketers and the companies they work for to keep up with with the latests changes. Finding great educational resources should be the goal of anyone desiring to learn more about marketing.

Pinterest is more than everyone’s favorite shopping cart and buying to-do list. Check out some amazing pinboards recommended by Corey Eridon to add to your follow list. Whether you want to be inspired by great marketing quotes, learn about the best web designs for your business or beef up your Pinterest marketing skills; there are boards for all of them.

12 Social-Media Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make

Mistakes are fine as long as you learn from them. For any business owner, managing the social media presence of his or her company can become a daunting task, especially with all the rapid changes in the space. Colleen Debaise did an excellent roundup of of common social media mistakes observed by thought leaders that can be easily fixed. One that I see all the time:

Trying to be active on every social media platform is a big mistake. Make a plan or sit down with someone who can help you make a plan about what social-media channels align with your goals as an organization.” Brian Honigman

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