Big business spends a fortune ensuring they return on Page 1 of Google for the most popular and common searches. However, they often leave the rest of the search marketplace (more descriptive phrases) up for grabs. How can small businesses execute to find themselves on Page 1 of these search queries?

Long-tail search optimization has helped many small businesses compete to be found on the Web. Here’s a quick video introducing the long-tail strategy and how you might think about implementation.

About Chris Vaughn

Chris serves as Director of Marketing for DigitalSherpa. Chris builds, manages and executes DigitalSherpa’s inbound lead generation program and is responsible for new business development and partnership with a focus on growing the brand. Before coming to DigitalSherpa, Chris was the Managing Editor at Bluff Media LLC and graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2005. In his spare time, Chris helps run a growing fantasy sports website and hangs out with his dog, Ace.


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