As a small business owner, you most likely have some sort of online presence. However, many small business’s often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of social networking sights available, and aren’t always sure which ones will be most effect platform for their marketing strategy. This helpful Inforgraphic by Purolator highlights the five most popular social networks to help you decide which networking sites to focus your efforts on!

Small business social media infographic

As you can see, the five most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest. Besides running an active business blog, your social media marketing efforts should focus on continuous and quality updates on these networks. Still feeling a bit overwhelmed? Here are 7 tips to keep in mind while getting started (or currently managing) these sites!

1. Goals

Set goals for your small business before you take on a new website to ensure your success. For example, if you want to start a Facebook page for your company, a practical goal is do one new Facebook post per day.

2. Measure

Stay motivated on your social networking by actively measuring your sucess. This is also a great way to see what marketing tactics are successful, and what you need to work on. We offer an affordable Marketing Dashboard to do exactly that, so take a look and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions. We love social media!

3. Converse

Take time every day to connect and respond to your online followers! Ignoring an online follower is the modern version of ignoring a customer phone call- and you wouldn’t do that, would you?

4. Verify

If possible, verify your company’s profile on social networks. This legitimizes your business and let’s users know you a professional, reputable business.

5. Simplicity

Keep it simple! Short text updates with a related visual are quick, easy and always popular.

6. Cross Promote

Social media networks are not mutually exclusive! Go ahead and share Facebook updates on twitter, post a YouTube video on Facebook, and so forth. The more content you share on a variety of platforms, the higher chance you have of finding new customers.

7. Manage

Social media can be time consuming if you don’t manage it correctly. Create a daily schedule that allows you time to update your networks daily- consistency is key when it comes to social media marketing!

Hopefully these tips help you to create successful and manage social media marketing strategy’s for your small business! If you have any further questions on how to successfully market your business online, contact us anytime!

About Sarah Mincher

Sarah Mincher is the Content Marketing Manager and (more importantly) the resident Grumpy Cat authority at DigitalSherpa. Sarah graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Political Science and International Affairs in 2011. In her free time, Sarah enjoys riding her horse, reading and googling Ryan Gosling.


  • Really gr8 infographic, social media promotion is new evolving trend, and minimize cost and efforts ppl can can join one like and do cross promotion.

  • There is no doubt that social media is very important in reaching our target audience.But the right ways to do it must be follow.The key to social media success is to be consistent and engage with your fans and followers on a regular basis.