If you’re anything like me, you love a good social media infographic. There’s just something about the combination of interesting visuals mixed with buzzable facts that I can’t stay away from. Thankfully, infographic articles are extremely popular (and helpful), so I don’t have to. Let’s check out this great infographic by Awareness on 6 Mind-Blowing Social Media Statistics, and how to apply that information to your small business social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Infographic

Key Infographic Points: 

1. 95% of all Facebook wall posts are not answered by brands

Well, I’m happy to state DigitalSherpa is not one of the 95%, but this fact is seriously disheartening. Your small business should make a point to respond to every online question or comment directed at your brand. Ignoring questions or concerns from your audience is a sure fire way to lose business and tarnish your online reputation- so make a daily point to double check all your social channels, and respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.

2. Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of social media driven purchases

Not surprising at all, especially if you’ve read any of our past articles on Pinterest. Pinterest is unquestionably the social star of 2013, and a network your small business can’t afford to ignore. If you’re not sure where to start with Pinterest, or perhaps just want some additional tips to strengthen your current social strategy, take a look at our eBook, The Complete Small Business Guide To Pinterest Success.

3. The average user spends 20 minutes per visit on Facebook.

Is your company optimizing those 20 minutes? Even if you have a good Facebook following now, there are always ways to increase your reach, audience and influence on Facebook. Check out our last Webinar, 12 Facebook Hacks in 12 Minutes for easy tips on how to achieve that. In less time than your typical audience member spends on Facebook, you can learn 12 amazing tips on how to successfully grab and keep their attention.

4. 13% of consumers follow a brand on social channels because of their content.

Just another reason the popular social phrase “Content Is King” proves to be correct. Make sure your online content is unique and educational to your target demographic. There are literally millions of company’s online, and you want to make sure your content stands out from the competition. For more guidance on how to create awesome content your followers will love, check out our eBook 43 Pro Blogging and Content Tips.

5. Twitter handles 32 billion search queries per month.

Make sure those 32 billion search queries can locate your business by having an active company Twitter presence. Make sure your Twitter content includes key words which represent your company’s industry and services, and words your ideal clients would use to search and find you. If this sounds a little overwhelming, have no worries! There are awesome Twitter Management Tools out there to help your small business successfully manage your company Twitter account.

6. 20% of Google searches each day have never been searched before.

Okay, I have to admit this fact really surprised me. I’d love to know what all these new Google searches are about, but your small business should focus on tracking analytics to discover what kinds of search keywords are driving traffic to your company online. We recently release a great article outlining  4 Awesome Keyword Analytic Tools – give it a read and improve your social listening skills.

I hope you found these 6 social media statistics as interesting as I did. For more education on any of the topics, definitely check out the great sources I listed within the blog! 

social media marketing

About Sarah Mincher

Sarah Mincher is an Atlanta based blogger and the Social Media Specialist at DigitalSherpa. Sarah graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Political Science and International Affairs in 2011. In her free time, Sarah enjoys riding her horse, writing and watching as much reality tv as possible.


  • This is an excellent piece. No fluff. Right to the point. Well written. Just easy to digest information. Fantastic!

    • Justin Fishaw

      Hi Sarah,

      This infographic was put together by Awareness Hub. It looks to be curated mix of statistics collected from different sources across the web. I searched each statistic included and each one had it’s own source.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  • Is it me or is Digital Sherpa not following their own advice. That is answer comments and questions. Where did this info come from?

    • Justin Fishaw

      Hi Denise,

      This infographic was put together by Awareness Hub. It looks to be curated mix of statistics collected from different sources across the web. I searched each statistic included and each one had it’s own source.


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