social media marketing toolsSocial media marketing provides your business with another opportunity to engage and connect with your target audience, which is why nearly 80 percent of American companies have a Facebook page. To make the most of your business’s Facebook page, it’s important to scope out your competition on the social media site to find out which marketing tactics are working well and which ones you should avoid. While you can simply peruse Facebook by typing your competition’s name into the site’s search engine, Social Media Examiner shares 3 helpful social media marketing tools to help you compare how your business’s Facebook page is performing compared to your competitors:

  1. AgoraPulse Barometer: With this free tool, you can compare your Facebook page against other companies that have a similar number of online fans and also use this tool. The barometer analyzes 50 of your most recent Facebook posts based on fans reached, engagement, people talking about your business, negative feedback, viral reach, organic reach, and click through rate. It will then show you how your business scores in these areas compared to similar businesses.
  2. LikeAlyzer: This tool examines rates your business’s Facebook page on a scale of 0 to 100 based on three areas of criteria: page information, posts by page, and posts by others. This tool will highlight areas that could use improvement and also allows you to run the analysis for a competitor’s Facebook page.
  3. Fanpage Karma: While there is a paid version of this tool, the free version still allows you to gain some useful information about how your business’s Facebook page compares to your competition. The report produced examines a number of key performance indicators including fans, growth, people talking about your business, posts per day, response rate, and post interaction. This tool will produce a side-by-side comparison chart that includes your business and the competition to highlight where you are excelling and where you could improve.

While there are various strategies to improve your business’s Facebook page, taking advantage of these social media marketing tools can help you be the most effective and intentional with designing and managing a Facebook page that engages fans and drives more qualified traffic to your business.


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