web content curationContent Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and publishing content on the Web.  Content curation is a great way to stock your blog with fresh topics and increase traffic, while saving time and reaching a broad audience.

Unlike content marketing, content curation is not the act of producing your own content, amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organized fashion. The goal of content curation is not to create new content, but to find the most relevant content pertaining to a specific category and funneling this information to readers in a very targeted way.

Recently, our President Adam Japko gave a webinar presentation (‘Curating High Conversion Content Without A Single Thought’)on the benefits of content curation, and went over in some depth the tools we will suggest below. Click here to browse Adam’s webinar or download a copy for yourself.

5 Content Curation Tools For Business Marketing

Curating With Your Social Content


Storify lets users tell their own stories using the content they discover on their own social networks. When you sign in to Storify, you may connect your other social accounts like Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram to drag and drop the elements to create your own content.


Paper.li is an innovative service that allows the user to become Editor-in-Chief of your own news site and publish topic based newspapers from content you find anywhere on the web. You may set up a daily publication of your own Web newsletter based on the stories and social accounts you find most interesting and then set your publication to go out daily, all while automatically alerting your social networks.

Curating With News/Articles On The Web


Trap.it allows the user to start creating “traps” for content, based on a keyword, or series of keywords, or URL. As Trap.it goes to work, you’ll be able to let their engine know if the content they are serving up is relevant or what you are looking for. By the fifth or sixth time you give input on the content you see, the software will understand the content needs and wants of the user.

Curating With A Mobile App


Pearltrees is a visual collaboration curation tool that allows users to collect, organize and share URLs they find on the Web as well as personal photos and notes. Through their drag and drop software, the user can create content hierarchies to prioritize content. One of the great features of Pearltrees is that they have developed a mobile application that allows you to use many of the same features of the Web service on the go.

Curating With Images


Surprised to see this here? While most of us might think of Pinterest as a social media powerhouse, it is still at heart a content curation service. Pinterest allows the user to tell stories with pictures found all over the Web (or their own). With nearly 100 million users, it’s fair to say Pinterest is still the most popular curation service on the Web.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Another next generation tool for your list is Passle.net – curation, idea generation and traditional blog posts all in one. (I work there so I think it’s great)…

  • Hi Chris,

    nice read!
    Would be great to have your eyes on keeeb.com – next gen content curation.
    Next week with classical bookmarking, in September with iOS and Android apps.


  • Daiv Whaley

    Pinterest seems like a fun visual way to curate, indeed. Thanks for these tips.