DigitalSherpa has worked with over 2,000 small to medium size businesses from around the country. We’ve created content, customized business Facebook Pages and launched social media campaigns to help our clients build their online fan bases and engage their fans. Over the past few weeks, we’ve provided a series of blog posts to help you set up your Facebook Page the right way and develop a content strategy.  Today we’ll be sharing four tips and tricks to help you spread the word about your Facebook Page and build an audience.Free tips for facebook promotions

  1. What’s in it for me? A lot of communities and businesses ask people to Like their page without providing a clear reason for WHY people should become fans. Let people know what’s in it for them and what they can expect from your Page. Will they get access to exclusive offers or discounts? Will they get updates on news and upcoming events? Will they have the chance to enter fun contests? Give people a clear value proposition and include that information in your Facebook marketing.
  2. Use a variety of online platforms to promote your Page. Include links to your Facebook page on your website and blog. Use Twitter and other social networks to encourage people to Like your Page. If you have an e-newsletter, include a link to your Facebook page and other social networks. Encourage staff members to include links to your Page in their e-mail signatures.
  3. Use offline marketing tactics to promote your Facebook page. Incorporate your Facebook address into your advertisements, business cards, brochures, flyers and welcome packets. In addition, create signs to promote your Facebook page and place these signs in high-traffic areas in and around your community. For example, if you are promoting an apartment community, you could post signs about your Facebook Page in your leasing office, elevators, mail areas, laundry facilities and model apartments.
  4. Post comments as your Facebook Page. Facebook allows Fan Pages to post comments on other Facebook Pages. In addition to posting content from your personal profile, you can also post as your Page. Sharing relevant content on other Pages can be a great way to connect with a wider audience on Facebook.

Remember: social media is not The Field of Dreams. In other words, if you build a Facebook Page, your audience will not magically come find you. It takes time, content and planning to attract an audience online. If you need help creating content and growing your audience, let us know. Sign up to get a free consultation from DigitalSherpa today.

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  • Great post Lauren!

    However, I’m finding that I have been working hard to solve the issue of being able to post from my page consistently, since I created it, to no avail.

    I’m wondering if there is a bug of some sort that is prohibiting posting even though I’m showing as “Posting as Hatch Partners”.

    Forward and Upward.

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