3 Ways to Improve Your Online Content Management StrategyMore and more people are choosing to follow brands online, most specifically through a blog. Creating a business blog provides brands with an opportunity to deliver meaningful and relevant information to their customers while using target specific keywords to help drive more traffic to their main websites. It also provides a business the opportunity to give its brand a voice and personality. Furthermore, a blog can help a business position itself as an industry expert.

So now that you understand the importance of having a business blog, how can you perfect your online content management strategy? Outlined below are three key ways to effectively manage your content creation and delivery:

  1. Create a content calendar. When people follow a blog, they expect to see new posts published on a regular schedule, whether it be every evening or twice a week. A content calendar  hold you accountable to not only publishing content on a regular basis, but with coming up with interesting and enthralling topics that your customer base would find intriguing and valuable.
  2. Take advantage of social media monitoring tools. Find out which posts on your blog are getting the most attention and take this into consideration when developing new topics. Learn which keywords are creating the most buzz. Also, stay in tune with what your customers are talking about online and use your blog as a way to help fulfill their needs for such discussions.
  3. Engage your online audience. For a business that places a lot of emphasis on serving the local community, have your blog be a forum to discuss upcoming community events. To ensure maximum reach and attract new followers, be sure to push your content through your other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To make the biggest impact on your online marketing efforts, focusing on developing a strong content management strategy is an essential piece of the puzzle. A well-maintained business blog is a sure way to increase your company’s online presence and drive prospective customers to your main webpage.

What best practices does your business include in its online content management strategy?


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As Director of Marketing, I oversee branding & the inbound lead generation program at DigitalSherpa. My days are spent developing and implementing online marketing tactics and campaigns, writing and optimizing all website content, and developing partnerships in an effort to grow the business. In my free time, I enjoy running my clothing line, SMPLFD, and exploring the streets of Atlanta with my pup, Uncle Jesse.