small business internet marketingRecognizing the need to be mobile friendly, Facebook recently introduced its own smartphone, which replaces your start screen with a scrolling Facebook feed. With more than half a billion active Facebook users accessing the social network from a mobile device, your business now more than ever needs to make its Facebook page more mobile friendly. Social Media Examiner shares some helpful small business Internet marketing tips for making your Facebook page easily accessible from a smartphone or tablet:

1. Allow people to “check-in” to your place of business on Facebook.

With the ability to “check-in” at points of interest around town, Facebook is giving popular geo-targeted apps such as Foursquare and Yelp a run for their money. Recent enhancements enable users to also find places nearby their current location. If your business does not currently allow people to “check-in” on Facebook, designate thecategory of your business’s Facebook page as a Local Business or Place and add your address to allow “check-ins” to take place. If people see that their friends are “checking-in” at your place of business on Facebook, you help to build instantly credibility for your brand.

2. Make sure that your business’s webpage is mobile friendly.

When running a social campaign on Facebook in an attempt to direct more traffic to your company’s webpage, you will be more successful at earning new business is you take the time to make your website mobile friendly. With more than half of all Facebook users accessing the social network from a mobile device, chances are high that they will be visiting your business’s website from one too.

3. Go mobile with your other marketing efforts too.

For example, if you have a booth at a trade show, consider having QR codes on displayed signs that will direct visitors to your Facebook page simply by scanning it.

For more reasons why you should make your Facebook page mobile friendly, be sure to check out our infographic about trends in online marketing for small businesses.


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