blog writing serviceCreating a blog for your business offers a number of benefits, such as giving your brand a voice on the Internet, expanding your online reach, and positioning your business as an industry expert. If you’ve made the commitment to create and manage a business blog, here are ten essential factors to consider before getting started courtesy of Social Media Today:

  1. How will you target your customers? It’s a good idea to brainstorm who your key target audience is first as all of your content marketing efforts should be catered towards this demographic. Determine how your customers are spending their time online and what type of information is most appealing to them, plus always ask yourself these 5 questions before you hit publish.
  2. What type of social media monitoring tools will you use? A business blog offers the ideal forum for social listening, which is a critical component for a successful content marketing strategy. It’s important you monitor user interaction with your brand on all social media avenues to determine which marketing strategy’s are effective. Here at DigitalSherpa we offer a complete digital marketing dashboard to monitor your small business’s online performance- it’s defiantly worth checking out.
  3. Understand the problems and issues that your target audience faces. Often people search the Internet to find resolution for their problems, and creating content that addresses their common concerns can help your business blog to be most effective. Create custom and unique content that addresses potential customers questions BEFORE they ask them, and you’re more likely to appear as a leader in your industry, gain the users trust and (hopefully) their future business.
  4. What is your competition blogging about? Take some time to research their blogs and find out what type of content is creating the most engagement and buzz. The internet is a wealth of free information that can easily help steer you in the right direction- find out who the leaders are in your industry, what works for them and tailor that idea to your specific brand.
  5. Establish goals for your business blog. What do you hope to accomplish from your blogging efforts? Use metrics to track your progress on a weekly and monthly basis. You need to continuously create new content to keep your SEO rank high, so be consistent about reaching your set blogging goals. We recommend at least 2 new blogs per week.
  6. Research keywords and phrases. Which keywords and phrases are most pertinent to your niche market? Knowing this information will help you to optimize your content and drive more traffic to your business blog, as well as increase your SEO rank.
  7. What type of topics will you write about? Through competitive research and understanding your target audience, you can come up with strong headlines to attract readers to your blog. As a general rule, any blog that contains a specific number of tips tends to be popular. For instance, this is a post on “10 Things to Consider When Creating a Blog for Your Business” and you are reading it. Point made!
  8. How will you handle content creation? Knowing that you need to create high quality content often and on a regular basis, you may decide to outsource your content marketing efforts to a blog writing service. If you cannot afford that luxury, don’t worry. Here’s a great infographic on some ideas to keep in mind when creating content!
  9. Will you make use of an editorial calendar? This is especially important if you will have more than one person creating content on your blog. Make sure you spread your posts out evenly during the week, and create at least 2 posts per week.
  10. How will you incorporate your blog into your social media marketing efforts? Enable your followers to easily share your content by hooking up your blog with your social networks. Share your content on all relevant social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so forth! And don’t forget to share other relevant content in your field as well- this is a great way to new attract followers interested in your company’s field!

If you’re not sure how to get started with your business blog, please contact us at DigitalSherpa. We offer affordable social media and content marketing services designed specifically for small business success.


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